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Xavier University of Louisiana Professor Named Alex Trebek Legacy Fellow

Xavier University of Louisiana Professor Named Alex Trebek Legacy Fellow

In a momentous achievement, Monica Pierre, a distinguished 2x Emmy winner and an assistant professor  in Xavier University of Louisiana’s Mass Communications Department, has been named an Alex Trebek Legacy Fellow. This prestigious recognition will be formally bestowed on Pierre at the upcoming Television Academy Foundation’s (TCA) 2023 Media Educators Conference on October 25-27 in Los Angeles. 

Alex Trebek’s illustrious tenure as the host of the iconic television show, “Jeopardy,”  spanned from 1980 until his passing. The Alex Trebek Legacy Fellowship is an exclusive and rigorous opportunity designed to honor and empower media professionals who share his passion for the industry. A lauded and beloved professor at Xavier, Pierre’s selection as a fellow is well deserved. 

“It was a competitive process, and I am thrilled to have been selected,” shared Pierre. “Attending the Media Educators Conference will allow me to learn about innovations and creative approaches that prepare our students to be competitive and successful in the industry. It is not only a wonderful opportunity for me but for our Mass Comm students as well.”

As an assistant professor within the Mass Communications department at Xavier, Pierre teaches many future media professionals in several different areas. Her primary goal as a professor is to encourage discourse that highlights the profound influence of storytelling and its ability to empower individuals to craft a lasting impact on the world. Praised by many students as a great mentor, Pierre is a wonderful example of Xavier’s mission to promote a more just and humane society by educating the next generation of changemakers and leaders. 

“Throughout my career, I have maintained and valued professional relationships and connections with the industry, both locally and nationally. It’s my goal to continue to evolve to stay relevant by looking forward and embracing what is possible. I want our Mass Comm students to adopt this philosophy and imagine what is possible for them,” said Pierre.   

Though best know known for his work on “Jeopardy!” and philanthropic efforts, Trebek's artistry lays in his mastery of various mediums, from game shows to diverse forms of media and his innate understanding of the potency of storytelling in leaving an indelible mark on the world. Like Pierre, who founded the Story Maker Academy last year, where she teaches many scholars throughout the nation by using her knowledge from working in television news working as a talk show host to see the power of their story.

“Thanks to the Alex Trebek Fellowship, I will be in the room with television creators, industry leaders, and fellow colleagues. The opportunity to network with industry representatives is a great way to help expand the pipeline for diverse media professionals from HBCUs,” said Pierre.


Story by Tyana Jackson, Student Contributor

Photos by Monica Pierre